Troop Mackinaw delivering positively memorable
Mackinac Island experiences since 2009. 


Who are we?


Kelly and I are two local moms who wanted to give young scouts the opportunity to discover and explore Mackinac Island and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We have taken immense pride in providing an extraordinary Mackinac Island experience for scouts over the past decade. Like many small businesses, 2020 was a devasting blow. We are immeasurably grateful to be offering this opportunity to scouts today thanks to your support.


It is our priority to provide a safe and fun-filled weekend for you and your scout! Please know that the trust you place in us is not taken lightly, and each decision is made with care. We are proud to be highly recommended by Girl Scouts, Troop Leaders, Girl Scout Councils, as well as the businesses that we work with and their communities.


Why choose Troop Mackinaw?


Troop Mackinaw is the complete Mackinac Island Scout package offering an affordable and quality experience that you can trust.

From cookie deliveries to permission slips, you are busy enough. Let us do the heavy lifting. We have reserved the lodging, perfected the plan, and negotiated the prices to make sure that you are getting the most bang for those hard-earned dollars. When traveling with your troop, you need to know that you have entrusted your trip scheduling to experienced professionals with your best interest in mind. Leave the worrying to us. But you do not have to take our word for it. We have listed just a few of the emails we have received about how easy, affordable, and fun their trip with Troop Mackinaw was on the About page.


Who can attend?


Troop Mackinaw is an excellent experience for the whole troop or a parent and their scout. This trip is all about Girl Scouts. It is intended to give Girl Scouts who may or may not have otherwise been able to afford the opportunity to explore Mackinac Island.


Rather than host large events, we are offering individual packages to families and troops on a much smaller scale. This will look quite different from years past but we are proud to continue to offer a top-notch experience.


Do not bring anyone with you who is not registered for Troop Mackinaw. If you have someone staying in your hotel room or at any scheduled activity that is not registered with Troop Mackinaw, you and your troop will be asked to leave without a refund.



Troop Mackinaw is first-come, first-served. Space is limited and rooms book quickly. We cannot predict when the last room will be booked. Registration must be completed online by room and paid in full via credit card. Pricing is per person based on the number of people staying in your room.  Quad (4). Triple (3). Double (2). The maximum number of people that you may assign to a room is four. Registrations with more adults than Girl Scouts age 6-17 will not process. You must have one adult over age 17 in every room. Please list contact information for an adult in the room. The calendar will show how many rooms are available. The hotel makes every effort to keep rooms with the same troop numbers together. If you would like to be assigned near another troop, it is best to register all rooms under the same troop number. It is essential that you put the correct troop number on your registration. ​There is a $25 fee for each change to a reservation once it has been submitted.


To register, go to the registration link at the top of the page and click on the calendar date you want.

When should we plan to arrive and depart?

Your itinerary with instructions, locations, and directions will be emailed to the address on your confirmation two weeks before your scheduled arrival. This will include a list of included activities that you can attend before hotel check-in and after check-out, as well as a list of optional activities to help you pack more into your already fun-filled visit.


You are responsible for arranging your transportation to and from your hotel from your home and the attractions that you choose to attend.

What to wear?

All attendees under age 18 must wear a Girl Scout sash or vest to all scheduled activities. You will receive detailed information about what to expect and how to prepare for the Grand Hotel luncheon with your emailed itinerary.

Allergies and Meals


We always try our best to be as accommodating as possible; however, we must require you to be responsible for monitoring food allergies and making alternate meal arrangements, if necessary.

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

Attendance is voluntary; by participating in Troop Mackinaw, you knowingly and freely acknowledge and accept all assumptions of all risks, hazards, and dangers for yourself and those in your care and are deemed to have given a full release of liability to the fullest extent permitted by law.


HK Events, LLC cannot guarantee that anyone attending Troop Mackinaw will not become infected with COVID-19. All accompanying adults agree to monitor themselves and children in their care for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and discontinue participation immediately and seek appropriate medical attention should any signs or symptoms surface.

By attending Troop Mackinaw, you certify that you and anyone under your care do not fall into any of the following categories: currently or within the past fourteen (14) days have experienced any symptoms associated with COVID-19 or believe that they may have been exposed to a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are not yet cleared as non-contagious by state or local public health authorities or the health care team responsible for their treatment. 

HK Events, LLC is not responsible for the actions or effects of any individual participating in the tours/trips arranged by HK Events, LLC.  Individual travelers are responsible for purchasing a travel insurance policy if desired.

HK Events, LLC and their respective employees, agents, representatives, and assigns ("released parties") accept no liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss, accident, illness, delay, or any other incident which may be caused by the negligence, defect, or default of any company or person in performing these services.  Responsibility is not accepted for losses, injury, damages, or expenses of any kind due to sickness, weather, strikes, hostilities, wars, terrorist acts, or acts of nature, local laws, or other such causes.  All services and accommodations are subject to the laws and regulations of the state in which they are provided. 


Participation includes possible exposure to and illness from infectious diseases, including but not limited to COVID-19. While particular rules and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious illness and death does exist; Attendance is voluntary; by participating in Troop Mackinaw, you are deemed to have given a full release of liability to the released parties to the fullest extent permitted by law.

By attending, you knowingly and freely acknowledge and accept all assumption of all risks, hazards, and dangers for yourself and those in your care, including but not limited to: all such risks related to illness and infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, even if arising from the negligence or the fault of HK Events, LLC.  and/or the risk of injury, harm, and loss associated with the activity, including any injury, harm, or loss caused by the negligence, fault, or conduct of any kind on the part of HK Events, LLC.

HK Events, LLC acts only as an agent for the various independent suppliers that provide hotel accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, activities, and/or other services connected with this tour.  Such services are subject to the terms and conditions of those suppliers.