I can't begin to tell you how touched Kelly and I are at the popularity of our events! We have been delighted to welcome thousands of scouts to Mackinac Island over the last decade. With that means a lot of parents and troop leaders with questions! You can imagine the number of emails we receive. To efficiently answer everyone and to ensure that we don't lose our jobs, all communications are via email only. Your understanding and cooperation are very much appreciated. 

Have you verified that the information you need isn't on one of the links below? 


Visit FAQ for questions regarding registration, room assignments, allergies, cancellations, changes, policies, etc. There is a reason for each policy & procedure so please don't ask us to make exceptions. Trust they are in place due to experience, requirements, or contracts. We work very hard to make sure that everyone enjoys a safe, convenient, and fun trip. 

Complete the form below for specific questions only. Initially, you will receive an auto-response. We will not answer the email if your question is answered on the website. If you are inquiring about emails that have not been received check your junk, spam, or bulk folder before contacting us again. 


Troop Mackinaw is very near & dear to our hearts, it is important to us to provide a quality, affordable scout experience.  Please understand that we have full-time jobs and families, just like you, and we would like to continue offering this event by keeping the time we dedicate to a minimum.

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