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Troop Mackinaw

 Girl Scouts Exploring Mackinac Island


This event is the complete Mackinac Island Package for Girl Scouts!


Hotel, Ferry, Grand Hotel Lunch Buffet, Carriage Tour & More! 



Whether visiting with the whole troop or just mother & daughter you are sure to have a Grand time!

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Thank you for making
Troop Mackinaw so popular!

 “We had an amazing time--great friends, great food and lifelong memories! Everyone we met was very friendly and helpful. We were sad to go but look forward to another great time next year and hope to recruit some more of our troop members to join us! Thank you for putting this together!!” Colleen Marsh, Troop #71043


“This was an amazing experience!!! The girls and parents had a memorable and incredible time. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to making this a first-class experience.” Troop #70067


“What a great value for the money. We were always busy with quality events and activities. Mackinaw welcomed us with signs everywhere. It was great to see all of the scouts wearing their vests and sashes. Very well run and organized. The hotel staff was very friendly and helpful. Girls and parents were already talking about coming back next year before we even left.” Pamela Holmes, Troop #70370 and #30843


“Our troop and troop moms were very impressed with the organization of the event. The girls loved every part. Although I have been to the island, I had never done the carriage tour. That was beautiful! The buffet was like none other. The hotel was, well, truly grand! We liked roving the island and did not attend dinner or the evening entertainment so we could stay on the island longer. Comfortable hotel, fun water park. There were so many choices! Kelly and Heather oversaw a seamless day! The girls said it was their favorite outing ever!” Kim McCord, Troop 40826


“The girls and I had an awesome time. The hotel with the water park was super fun! Hotel staff nice. The Grand Hotel experience was awesome! The Pizza party later was fun. The Lumber Jack Show was super!!! Overall great time by all!!!! Even the Troop Organizer was very helpful and save the day for me!!!! Thank You!!!” Lisa Winters, Troop #70016


“What a fabulous experience for our scouts! The trip provides numerous opportunities for discovery, friendships, and enhancing your knowledge of Michigan's history. This weekend event is extremely organized and we can't wait to come back next year!!!” Rebecca and Emma, Troop #70067


“This was absolutely the best run Girl Scout event I have ever been to. All I had to do was show up and supervise my kids. Troop Mackinaw did everything else. I would totally do it again.” Holly, Leader Troop #70042

“As a troop leader, it was amazing to bring my 15 scouts to an event with their mothers and not have to freak out over all the itineraries and scheduling!” Lorri, Troop #75099


“Troop Mackinaw is the most amazing opportunity to make lifetime memories at a more than affordable price! Thank you so much, Heather & Kelly, for all of your hard work and dedication to this event and to all of our girls.” Jennifer Payne, Troop # 71519

"Great weekend! You two did a fabulous job! All of my moms keep raving about how much fun they had and the girls, of course, had a wonderful time. Thank you for all of your hard work!" Tracey Zarkis, Girl Scout Leader


  “Troop #70722 had an amazing time on this trip! Troop Mackinaw provides a perfectly organized event. The registration process, the itinerary, the carriage rides, lumberjack show, pizza dinner... it was all amazing! We will go again and we are already telling our friends about Troop Mackinaw!”


“What an awesome trip! Everything was well thought out and organized. There was the right mix of planned events and free time to keep the girls entertained, yet provide a bit of down time. We thought the bang for our buck was unbelievable. A nice added bonus was all the discounts retailers on the island were giving the group. Our girls and parents all had such a great time!!” Dora Bechtold, Troop #75099


“Thank you for including Mackinac State Historic Parks in your scout outing this year!  The help the 100’s of scouts provided on improving trails at Historic Mill Creek was insurmountable.  Improved handicapped access for all visitors will be seen as we move into this busy summer season.  Every year you seem to provide an even better visit for Troop Mackinaw Girl Scouts.” Scott Witsman, Mackinac State Historic Parks, Group Sales Manager


"Thank you, Heather and Kelly, for another great event for the Mackinaw City Area! You do such a professional job and pay attention to detail. We have enjoyed the Troop Mackinaw events and programs you have coordinated. Your experience in the hospitality and tourism industry shines through." Dawn Edwards, Executive Director, Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce, 2013


"Audie’s caters over a hundred events each year and we know how important organization, scheduling, and timing can be.  We have worked with many individuals, groups and event planners over the years and there are so many things that can go wrong.  We are always confident when working with HK Events that everything will run smoothly." Katie Kosorski, Audie's Restaurant, General Manager, Spring 2012


“Memorable! This experience will be forever in the conversations of our travels!” Mary Cole, Troop #70722


“It was a wonderful bonding experience for the girls & leaders & moms. We all made a lot of great memories.” Amy McIntyre, Troop #70724


"The girls are still talking about what a wonderful time they had and can't wait to come back. You are AWESOME at planning this event!" Nancy Swoffer, Troop #50363


“Wonderful time for moms and girls! A great way to experience Mackinac Island at an affordable price. The trip was extremely well organized...we didn't worry about anything!” Jen Weber, Troop #70207


"I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you all did.  The amount of coordinating that it took you to get us all in our right places was just short of a miracle. We all made wonderful memories.  Thank you so much for all of your work!" Lois and Michelle Graham